when i die

when i diewhen i’m gonewhen i’m deadand gonemourn for mekeen and wailkick and cry don’t toastdon’t singdon’t celebratedon’t praisekeen and wailbawl, howlsnivel, blubberand moan it was not my timeit was not for the besti did not want to goi did not blowthe scene i did not surrenderi did not succumbi did not go to resti …

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She’s in a nursing home and I’m waiting for her to die. Every few months I get a phone call from them that always starts the same way, “I’m calling about your mother but don’t worry, she’s fine.” Better luck next time, I always think. Usually they just need permission for something like a change …

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alps loiterer

literal prose:we know how this endsdeath smiles every time they visitto datethey have been responsiveto our refusalto participate they usually comesin biker blackfaded leatherwhite pillsleather jeans oral reptiles:we know how this startedderivative sins it always goes the samewe might thinkthe frequency mightmake it easiermight make right but not we know they’re therein plain sightall we …

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Running A Way

I run into Mark in the Cap’n Kidd. I believe I have to die, I say to Mark. We’re drinking Bud long necks at the bar. We all have to die, Mark answers. Of course but that’s not what I mean. What do you mean? It feels like I have to die in order to …

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