Cobalt Blues

let us now sing the cobalt bluesthat we may emerge from ourchronic circadian desynchronization,that we consider and wonder how it isthat every 2, every 7, every 9 weeks,our bodies obliterated and re-formed,regurgitated and re-born ofarchaic remnants of ancestors let us now wonderwhere but in the dark matter of space?where but in the collective conscience?where but …

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alps loiterer

literal prose:we know how this endsdeath smiles every time they visitto datethey have been responsiveto our refusalto participate they usually comesin biker blackfaded leatherwhite pillsleather jeans oral reptiles:we know how this startedderivative sins it always goes the samewe might thinkthe frequency mightmake it easiermight make right but not we know they’re therein plain sightall we …

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fruit lady

This is an ekphrastic poem about a sculpture by John Martini. in her previous lifeshe held up the roofof a high school gymnasium she misses the sneaker chirpsand the thap thap thapof bouncing orange ballsless than she enjoysbeing upright in the sunbearing only the weightof an imaginary fruit bowlon her upturned head with her sculptedmuscular …

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is that all there is?

the universe emergedfrom the gapbetween my scapulaeand follows meeveryam where I go a hovering entiretyabove behind my headwhirling devilishlyI shall never it see I took up yogatwisting asana (plural)and meditation (singular)with open eyesin the front of the mirror and yet stillI only sense the gapfrom which it escapedme Tags: meditation, memoir, scapulae, yoga